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Designed and embroidered with care by Macon & Lesquoy, this Poppy brooch is the essential accessory for creative expression.

Drawn and made by exceptional craftsmen using Cannetille thread, historically used on military uniforms. This technique requires a special metal thread to be very finely wound in a spiral, cut at the desired length, and then embroidered like beads. Under the rule of the British Empire, the grandfather of Macon & Lesquoy’s foreman actually embroidered the English military uniforms.  This Cannetille, or bullion thread, is made in Pakistan, where the metal industry is still flourishing. Marie Macon & Anne-Laure Lesquoy brought the bullion thread embroidery borrowed from the military badges up-to-date.

Poppy Brooch Measures 1.25″ x 1.25″

Packaged in a black velvet foam cushioned box. Poppy brooch should neither be machine-washed nor dry-cleaned. Avoid all contact with water. To keep your brooch shiny as long as possible, stash it in it’s little black box! If metal thread sticks out do not pull it, cut it as short as possible. Do not bend.