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30 Oversized Postcards

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Tom Thomson (Canadian, 1877 – 1917) died shortly before his fortieth birthday, but during his brief career he pioneered a new, distinctly Canadian genre of art. An avid outdoorsman, Thomson loved exploring Ontario’s north country, recording his impressions of the wilderness in small oil sketches full of vivid color and bold brushwork. After his death, Thomson’s work continued to inspire a number of his fellow artists as they went on to form the Group of Seven in 1920, united by their vision for a Canadian art movement as part of a developing national identity. Today, Thomson is regarded as one of the most important painters in Canadian history. This book of postcards reproduces thirty of his groundbreaking works, all taken from the permanent holdings of the McMichael Canadian Art Collection in Kleinburg, Ontario.

Postcards Measure 5 x 7in.