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Faces and Stories from a Small Town

Patrisha McLean, Richard Russo

Hardcover, 112 pages, 98 black and white photos

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Former big-city dweller Patrisha McLean found it to be “a revelation” when she moved to a small coastal town in Maine 18 years ago. She loved it so much that she says dwelling there has “made me never want to live in a big city again.”

Camden, Maine, is home to a rich cross-section of Americans. As this book proves, many are also characters, in the quirky sense of the word and in terms of the word’s other meaning, too. They are people of character. With camera and pen, McLean zooms in on 80 of her memorable neighbors to create timeless portraits of the people who make one Maine town a truly representative slice of American life. Patrisha McLean’s Camden Herald column “Patrisha’s People” long illuminated — in words and in stunning black-and-white photography — the extraordinary lives of midcoast Maine residents.

About the Author/Photographer
PATRISHA McLEAN is a photographer specializing in black-and-white photographs of children. Her work is exhibited regularly in galleries and museums around the country. She lives in Camden, Maine.