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Jonathan Fisher

with border: 24″ x 18″

Image: 20″ x 9″

– Museum Reproduction


If the happiness of the animals is not beneath the notice and care of God, surely man ought not to be too proud or too indifferent to notice and to care for them. . . .  He has raised up from time to time men of understanding, who have written upon interesting subjects, such as insects, birds, and beasts, so that the minds of children and men may be stored with that information and so that their hearts may be interested and enlightened.

Jonathan Fisher

Painted just a few years after Maine attained statehood, his Blue Hill vista unfolds as a scene of cultivated land, human activity, and social progress.  Centered on the horizon, Fisher’s house overlooks the village, its placement representative of his role as shepherd to his flock, the religious and educational overseer of his community.  In symbolically depicting his role there, Fisher consigned himself in spirit at least, to dwelling forever within that landscape.