How The Art Capital of Maine Came To Be

In November 2017, the Boston Globe showcased Rockland’s amazing transformation into a vibrant art hub, calling it the “Rockland Renaissance.” This picturesque Maine town has truly blossomed into an art lover’s paradise, boasting not just one but two world-class museums—The Farnsworth Art Museum and the Center for Maine Contemporary Art—and over 20 galleries.

Around the same time, Dick Costello, Farnsworth Board Trustee Emeritus, and his wife, living in Owls Head, were captivated by Rockland’s art scene. They were determined to capture and share this remarkable story. Dick came up with the perfect title for Rockland: The Art Capital of Maine.

Every year, Dick crafts a captivating full-page advertisement in the New York Times for “Rockland: The Art Capital of Maine” and helps to share the world of the Midcoast gem with art lovers everywhere.

Dick and Ann Costello on the coast of Maine