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The Next Generation Of Farnsworth Supporters

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“As a member of The Collective, I’m excited to have the opportunity to be part of the Farnsworth. The Collective allows me to connect with artists, patrons, and the art community in new and exciting ways.” –Kirsten Surbey, Page Gallery


Designed to bring artists together with their peers, supporters, and patrons, The Collective is dedicated to developing engaging programming for the next generation of Farnsworth supporters in midcoast Maine. 

By offering additional programming that broadens the growth and visibility of the Farnsworth, The Collective aims to create opportunities for building new relationships with future and potential members within the community. 

The Collective is an extra benefit as part of your Farnsworth membership. When you opt in for free at any membership level, you’ll be notified via email of upcoming events and programs hosted by The Collective. 

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