A Win-Win for the Museum and the Donor

Donating appreciated stock or mutual fund assets is a great way to help us achieve our mission of enriching lives through art!  Not only will your gift make a lasting impact, you may also receive valuable tax savings.

It’s easy to donate stocks!  Just give us a call or send the instructions below to your broker.  Call Ann Scheflen, Chief Advancement Officer, at 207-390-6002 or email ascheflen@farnsworthmuseum.org.

Here’s how it works:   You could sell stock and then donate the proceeds to the museum.  If your stock has appreciated in value, you normally pay capital gains tax.  However, if you donate stock directly to the museum instead, you won’t incur capital gains and will be eligible to deduct the full market value of the appreciated shares.  (Always check with your advisor for specific tax advice.)

Usually stock transfers take about a week so be sure to call us by December 24 to realize tax savings in 2019. 

Stock transfer instructions may be found here.